Our Company

FIXO GROUP has been successfully collaborating with important brands on the European market for more than thirty years. The company is well-known for its professionalism and its specialized know-how in project development and production of small metal products and metal accessories.
We use high quality raw materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and zamak (diecast zinc) and offer a whole range of different finishings. Those are not only manually applied but also using our automatic varnishing methods. We also use an electrolyte-galvanic system or our manual hanging up method.
The company's strength goes far beyond the production of standard articles. Fixo puts a particular emphasis on the handling of personalized products and their unique design.
Fixo's headquarters and one production platform are situated in Padua, Italy. The company has become a successful joint venturer in China. However, the product development is conducted and supervised by the headquarters in Italy working in line with the customers' demands and requirements. All companies have their own technical consulting departments and are fully equipped for high quality industrial production. Moreover, in addition to the sales headquarters in Italy, Fixo has set up sales departments in Germany, Spain and Hong Kong in order to ensure an all-round customer service and technical support provided by professional staff.
Thanks to this international and global structure FIXO guarantees a high quality production, is able to support its customers in developing new projects and deal with the distribution of the products directly from and in the customers' country of production.