Not everybody knows that Italy is the European leader in waste recovery and recycling and in the circular economy: our country reaches double high results in comparison to the European average and much higher results than those of all big countries (source: Symbola Foundation - March 2021).

As a matter of fact, the recycling rate in Italy is 79%, while the European average is 38% (in Germany it is 43%).

FIXO has always believed and supported actions towards a responsible and sustainable economy.

To guarantee our engagement in this issue, in these months FIXO has been assiduously working to obtain the certificate GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and to become the first manufacturer of press-stamped metal accessories with this certificate.

The certification GRS is recognized as the most important international standard in the fashion world concerning the sustainable production from recycled materials.

The certification GRS consists in the release of an environmental declaration verified by a third part, which ensures the content of recycled material in both intermediate and finished products, the traceability along the entire production process, the restrictions in the use of chemical products and the respect of environmental and social criteria during all production phases, from the materials recycle to the next manufacturing steps, till the labelling of the finished product.